Telephone/Wechat ID:

+86 173 6971 8326

business hour (Chinese time) :

8:00AM ~ 08:00PM

Please pay attention to the swindlers
【Please pay attention to the swindlers】
Recently, the swindler uses the company name
"Minimotors Electric scooters","Jason Guo" or "Penn", "Park Juan Chen"to
cheat the customers on email,Wechat or Whatsapp.
And we don't have any warehouses in Turkey,
Portugal or anywhere except China.
Unfortunately someone has already been scammed and contacted us.
Please double check the email sender's contact details,
email address and bank account before making deals.
(Payment is only accepted by bank in China)
The official information will keep updating only on this page.
Please check the email address and bank account again and again
avoid unnecessary losses, thank you!